founder & Chairman,
HB Aviation Training Center

Hello I am Zaki Bari. Founder & Chairman of “HB Aviation”. I am also an Ex-airport Ground Officer of Saudi Arabian Airlines. I love to travel and explore new places. I have keen interest about Motorcycle ( I am also a Founder of a motorcycle platform which is “HB for Biker”), Graphic Designing, Photography, Food & Vlogging.

The story of the beginning of the career.

Ever since I became enlightened, I have been fascinated by planes. I wanted to grow up to be a pilot or work for an airline. But I didn't study science in class nine, so my dream of becoming a pilot ended there. But while studying for Honors in English in 2009, I did not know how to get a job in airlines. At that time I was surprised and noticed that no one wants to cooperate on how to join this trade and many people do not know about it.
In 2010 I did my final year of Honors and did a course on Travel Tourism. Then I got a job in a travel agency. Then I worked as a Business Development Officer at Druk Airways (Bhutan Airlines) for a year. Eventually I got a chance to work as a ground officer at the airport for Saudi Airlines.
From 2013 to 2016, I worked for Saudi Airlines at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. For some personal reason, I quit my job. One thing I realized while working in this trade is that no one wants to teach work to anyone in this trade. So I thought to myself, if I ever get the chance, I will teach others what I have learned. It can be seen that many times young people want to work in aviation trade but they cannot come in this trade due to lack of proper direction.They also face various obstacles in the job market due to lack of proper training. And despite the desire, due to high course fees, it is not possible for many unemployed or students to take such courses. So I quit my job and set up a training institute called 'HB Aviation Training Center' at the end of 2016 in our own building in Mirpur.

My future plans

Since HB Aviation Training Center is working to solve the problem of unemployment, we want to increase the value of its certificate. HB Aviation is currently the only and first aviation related training center to be ISO 9001: 2015 certified.And I want to do affiliation with government and foreign training institutes, so that our students can easily get jobs in the country and abroad by showing this certificate. And I have one more wish, at the moment we are training not only with air ticketing and airport ground officers, but later on so that we can give full training on other subjects related to aviation sector.
The new horizon of the economy is the aviation and travel tourism sector. If this sector is taken care of properly, there is a lot of potential in this sector. The economic infrastructure of many countries has been developed from all these sectors. We want our students to take the travel tourism and aviation sector of Bangladesh further. Our main goal is to make the travel tourism industry of Bangladesh more famous in the hands of the world.

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